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Stewarts are part of Queensland’s history. The Stewarts group is a 3rd generation family-owned and operated hospitality and leisure company.

The company was started in 1902 by CJ Stewart, and in 1946 was taken over by his son, Sir Edward Stewart, and daughter Mary Stewart. In 1995, Sir Edward’s sons took over the operation of the group. It is now owned and managed by Jim, Ted, Bill, and Andrew Stewart.

Over the 100 years since its inception, Stewarts has grown from a modest one restaurant operation, to a multi-faceted group of hospitality companies operating leisure facilities all over South-East Queensland.

In recent times, the company has divested many of its holdings, and is now associated with two wine retail outlets.

Since its earliest beginnings, the Stewarts philosophy has been to offer superior quality and service with an emphasis on value for money. As it is a family owned business, Stewarts has always treated its customers as personal guests, and has always tried to create a family atmosphere for its team of staff.

The whole Stewarts group invites you to peruse this site, and to contact us with any comments and questions that you may have about us or the site.

Stewarts are proud members of the QHA


The history of Stewarts

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